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The Series & Characters

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Tracy Aoyagi-Moran (Winfrey)   Tracy Aoyagi-Moran (Winfrey)
Episode 5, Misty Aronowitz.

Marta Arriola
Episode 1, Miscellaneous Voices.

Peter Beckman   Peter Beckman
Episodes 1 - 10, Narrator.

Jonathan Breaux
Episode 1, Miscellaneous Voices.
Episode 4, a Voice.

Eric Burr
Episode 2, Male Follower #1.
Episode 4, Chuck the News Anchor.
Episode 5, Leo & another Skinhead.

Chris Byrne
Episode 1, Miscellaneous Voices.

Ariel Cansino
Episode 2, Teenage Joy.
Episode 3, a Fast Food Employee & a Policewoman.
Episode 5, Judy.
Episode 7, April Harvest.
Episode 8, April Harvest.

Donald Cansino
Episode 1, Miscellaneous Voices.

Catarina Carlson
Episode 2, Joy.

Mary Carrig
Episode 6, Alice Q. Raytee (a Homeless Woman).

Dulce Castellanos
Episode 1, Miscellaneous Voices.
Episode 6, Martina Theresa Zaputo (a Little Girl).

Victor duBois
Episode 6, Juan Carlo Mendocino (a Farmworker).

Bob Glouberman
Episode 5, a Skinhead.

Chiara Goitein
Episode 5, Brook.

Juliana Goitein
Episode 5, Mrs. Mars.
Episode 6, Helga (a German Tourist).
Episode 8, Ms. Davis.

Adrienne Graves
Episode 1, Miscellaneous Voices.

Gene Graves
Episode 1, Miscellaneous Voices.

John C. Graves   John C. Graves
Episode 6, a Car Driver.

Caroline Grothgar
Episode 7, Percy's First Love & Mother.

Don Guito   Don Guito
Episode 2, Male Followers 2 & 3.
Episode 3, a Deputy Sheriff.
Episode 5, In a Part We Don't Want To Give Away.
Episode 7, Jacks (of God Squad), a Voice & Monsikarn.

Cera E. Hamic
Episode 5, Alexandra Fredrickson.

Kirt A. Harding
Episode 1, Miscellaneous Voices.
Episode 4, a Pastor.

Susan Hart   Susan Hart
Episode 4, Darlene.

Keith Holloman
Episode 4, a Voice in the crowd & a Slave.
Episode 8, Mr. Bennett.

Skip Hopkins
Episode 4, a Nurse.
Episode 6, a Negro Angel.

Lawrence Hubbard
Episode 4, Bessie's Husband & Another Voice in the crowd.

Lulu Kearny
Episode 1, Minerva & the Punk Conductoress.

Steve Kearny
Episode 1, Miscellaneous Voices.

Jo Kennedy   Jo Kennedy
Episodes 1 - 10, Billi St. Kilda.

Alex King
Episode 2, Sam.

David Koenigsberg   David Koenigsberg
Episode 6, Lionel T. Wilkins (Salesman #2).
Tracey Poree Koenigsberg   Tracey Poree Koenigsberg
Episode 4, Bessie.
Fred Ladd   Fred Ladd
Episode 8, the Chairman.

Tina Lerno
Episode 1, Miscellaneous Voices.
Episode 6, Doris an Operator.

Sau-Wan Leung   Sau-Wan Leung
Episode 1, the Operator.
Quinn Kitmitto Ljoka   Quinn Kitmitto Ljoka
Episode 2, Bucky Horowitz.
Episode 3, Dispatcher & a Patrolwoman.
Episode 6, Operator #4.
Episode 7, Bucky Horowitz.
Episode 8, Bucky Horowitz.

Kim MacLean
Episode 2, Jennifer.
Episode 5, Ms. Sybil.
Episode 6, Carnie P. Mallard (White Trash Woman).
Episode 7, the Evil Queen Winter.
Episode 8, the Evil Queen Winter.

Kristen Maguire (Kristen Hays Matson)
Episode 1, Miscellaneous Voices.
Episode 2, Female Followers 1 & 2.
Episode 3, Bank Teller.
Episode 6, Operator #1.

Pamela Mendez
Episode 3, Bianca.

Mireille Morshead
Episode 2, Patty.

Raphael J. Noble   Raphael J. Noble
Episode 4, Lester R. Washington.
Episode 6, the Bus Driver & Luther Xavier Smith (a Student).
Episode 8, Mr. Sherman.

Claire O'Brien
Episode 1, Sally.

Maria O'Brien
Episode 6, Frida Kahlo.

Hazel O'Connor   Hazel O'Connor
Episodes 1 - 10, Holly Violet.

Scott Peterson
Episode 5, an Old Man, a Policeman & in a Part We Don't Want To Give Away.
Episode 6, Sidi (a German Tourist).
Episode 7, Morgan (of God Squad), Klong, Sak & Percy's Father.
Episode 8, Phil Tondreau.

Cleve Reinhard   Cleve Reinhard
Episode 8, Mr. Dronenburg.

Connie Rivera
Episodes 7 - 10, Blanqui Sanchez.

Reynaldo Rivera
Episode 3, Rey & Angel.

Harry Sabin
Episode 1, Miscellaneous Voices.
Episode 4, the Bartender.
Episode 6, Jeremy (Salesman #1).
Episode 7, Percy.
Episode 8, Percy.

Greg St. Peter   Greg St. Peter
Episode 1, Miscellaneous Voices.

Eric Sargent
Episode 5, Henry.

Nancy Shields   Nancy Shields
Episode 6, Tilly J. Anderson (an Old Woman) & Operator #3.
Tatiana Swan   Tatiana Swan
Episode 1, Miscellaneous Voices.
Episode 6, Aurora Juanito Zaputo (a Mother) & Operator #2.

Stephanie Watkins
Episode 1, Miscellaneous Voices.

Muriel Whitaker
Episode 4, Methula Wantannawannabe.

Episode 2, Marvin.


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