Jo Kennedy

Jeffrey Kelly, in association with
Dundalk fm100, proudly present...

Jo Kennedy and Hazel O'Connor

starring in the European premiere of

Hazel O'Connor

This audio theater series concerns two women, Billi St. Kilda (Jo Kennedy) and Holly Violet (Hazel O'Connor) who find themselves trapped in Los Angeles, charged by Heaven to make good souls out of bad. If Billi & Holly succeed they will go on to higher life forms, but if they fail they will reincarnate as lower life forms. To help them, Billi & Holly have all the powers of Heaven at their disposal.

Painting by George Yepes

Internet users may or may not be able to listen in on the broadcasts from anywhere in the world via Dundalk fm100's live web feed.

Give it a listen now but keep in mind that the station goes off the air every night at 00:00 GMT until 08:00 GMT.

If you should not be able to play it please have someone check out your computer/internet configuration. If you should still not be able to establish a connection, the problem may rest with Dundalk fm100's feed. You could email the station and ask that they look into the problem.

If you live in Ireland and can't pick up Dundalk fm100's signal or webcast you may wish to send an email to RTE's Radio 1 and request that they air The Soul Patrol on their network!

Painting by Thomas Blackshear

Program Schedule
Tuesdays at 21:00 GMT

October 10, 2006
Episode 1, "The Pilot Program"

October 17, 2006
Episode 2, "The Big Break"

October 24, 2006
Episode 3, "Worthless"

October 31, 2006
Episode 4, "Happy New Year"

November 7, 2006
Episode 5, "My Camp"

November 14, 2006
Episode 6, "Bridge Of Indecision"

November 21, 2006
Episode 7, "Fortunate Soldier"

Hosting the series is Jeffrey Kelly, broadcaster and local producer. For more information on the series please visit the official website.

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